Thursday, September 8, 2011

the catch-all part 2.

   So I have been thinking A lot lately about those forces in the universe that shape our lives, which is funny I think, because I ponder these deep things when I m doing the most trivial things such as laundry, brushing my teeth, clipping my toe nails, etc, but anyways I wasn't just pondering  the things in our lives that makes life easier and pleasant, but the ones that make it difficult and painful. What benefit are they? What good is pain, struggle, and confusion and conflict? I have come to this conclusion: up-hill is just as important and necessary as the down-hill and seems to me to have the longest and most meaningful effect.
    Friedrich Nietzche said"I assess the power of a will by how much resistance, pain and torture it endures and knows how to turn to its advantage." I like this quote, it kinda hits the nail on the had about what this whole post is about. These things don't come in our life to just destroy and take away, I think they work the same way A farmer plows a field and busts up the hard soil and gets it ready for new life to start, so in the same way the "negative things" come along and break up the routine, the mundane, and the comfy to make a way for a new trajectory.
     Maybe I wouldn't venture as far as to call all these things that cause adversity "negative" more like catalytic forces, and we all know A abrupt change isn't pleasant but most of the time it's necessary. So when these "catalytic" forces bring A uncomfortable dynamic to your life don't focus so much on the pain and woe of the present but try and think and ponder of the new life that will emerge from the freshly tilled soil of your soul.

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