Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Catch all part 4 or A gentlemen knows when to speak...

   So like I said when I started this thing  that the blogs would probably not be consistent and surely not weekly but semi-quarterly at best, or if something is just eating away at me and I need A place to deposit my thoughts lest my psyche explode and drive me insane...nor did I promise proper punctuation (sorry Joe and Connie!!)

   So when do the actions of another become your fault and you are worthy of the same punishment as the guilty? The answer when you know something is amiss and you set by and do absolutely nothing. We see this fairly often in our everyday lives someone, a friend or family member is doing something that is destructive to themselves or others and it just happens to spill on the fabric of your daily life, like the deepest of red wines on the whitest of carpets. If you ask me once you have knowledge of said spilled wine and you don't do anything to point the spiller in the direction of a good carpet cleaning company and or a towel or some other cleaning agent, then YOU might as well pour the whole contents of the bottle on the carpet as well. (Sorry for that long winded analogy-I am prone to them im  told and some of them are particularly cheesy.)
   Now I am not condoning being a snitch or poking noses where they aren't welcome but if you become aware of fallacy and you twiddle your thumbs while a person (or people) is consumed by it then you may not stand accountable to a court system or a hurt individual, or any legal system but you stand accountable to a far more harsh judge-your conscience-

“Conscience... is the impulse to do right because it is right, regardless of personal ends.”                       Margaret C. Graham

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